Good checkpoint

  • Does not include alcohol, forcing or embarrassment

  • The entire team (5 to 12 people) can participate in the assignment

  • Provides activities

  • Doesn't choose the easiest option! You don’t want to end up being yet another Alias, Pictionary or water pong checkpoint. However, if you are planning to have an activity similar to what we mentioned on your checkpoint, come up with some kind of a surprise twist for it.

  • Presents organisation's activities or field in a fun way. For instance, consider whether there are any stereotypes concerning your organization or field of study that you could use when brainstorming your checkpoint's assignment.

  • Provides fun activities for the people queuing for the checkpoint, too! In 2017, for instance, Think Corner had a ball pit and in 2018 HYY’s checkpoint had a karaoke room.

  • Invests in signs and guiding for adventurers near the checkpoint location.


Good checkpoint has a good checkpoint description

A good checkpoint description says or implies something about what will happen at the checkpoint. In addition, a good description is informative and attractive. Examples of good checkpoint descriptions:

What does BumtsiBum from Savo sound like? Come and find out!
— Savolaisen Osakunnan Laulajat & Savolaisen Osakunnan Soitannollinen Seura 2017
Music saves freshmen from sports! Jam along to classical megahits at our checkpoint, and test your speed in a test fit for true musicians.
— Ylioppilaskunnan Soittajat 2017
From fields to the table and from forests to a design log! Find your route through the production chain at the checkpoint of agriculture and forestry students!
— Maatalous-metsäylioppilaiden liitto 2017
The mini escape room of Kopeda and Hyvät Martat doesn’t leave anyone cold. Or maybe it does. Come and test whether you’ll be able to escape a fridge’s freezer compartment.
— Kopeda & Hyvät Martat 2016
Come and witness the existence of Santa Claus, expose Pokémon Go as an Illuminati conspiracy and do other useful stuff – in a mathematically formal manner!
— Students of maths 2015
Tandem skiing on the lawn! Hyde’s bold plank clomp makes the world flutter, with dazzling style and dubious antics the surest ways to glory.
— Helsingin yliopiston partiolaiset 2017
Have you dreamed of performing in a court? Is your inner Harvey Specter waiting to be released? Come and present your arguments and spin the judges around!
— European Law Students Association 2017
Come and open the slalom season! This randonnée contest tests your team spirit, while a strong individual performance is needed for the freestyle contest.
— Uniriders, Curvatura ja RinneRikolliset 2017
Have you ever claimed in a bar that you know the quantum field theory? If not, you can certainly do so after this checkpoint!
— Students of physics 2016
Do you want to shout and beat things with a stick?
— Kendo club 2015
Get to know the most excellent production animal and co-worker – a cow.
— Students of agriculture 2015